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    I tried Brewdog’s Bourbon Baby for the first time last night.

    The Brewdog site describes the beer as

    Bourbon Baby began life as a baby scotch ale, before we barrel-aged it to add a darkly warped dimension.

    This demonic dark vanilla twist dovetails into the sweet toasty scotch ale flavours, piling on rich brown sugar, hints of smoke, spiced fruit, chocolate and raisins.

    Bourbon Baby showcases barrel-ageing in a new way, bringing a smooth, spicy complexity to an easy-going scotch ale.

    There’s a lot going on in that description, but I have to say that I wasn’t too enamoured by it. After trying shipwreck a few weeks back, I was expecting something along the same lines, but it lacked  oomph. I know that they are two different beers, but I was hoping for layers of flavour as described above and it just didn’t happen that way. I’ve still got a spare bottle left, so I will report back once I have tasted that. I’m reluctant to completely dismiss a beer after just one bottle, so there is a chance it redeems itself. At the moment, I wouldn’t purchase another.

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